Saturday, December 4, 2010

My two favorite childhood movies are . . . .

Tori, the daughter of a close personal friend posted her favorite all time children's movie and I got to thinking about which one was mine. For the longest time it was 101 Dalmations. There was something so wonderful about the first part of the film when they save that poor pethetic pup by rubbing the life back into it. Then when that horrible DeVille lady steals them to make a coat (Which anyone who wears fur needs to stop!), my heart ached until every single puppy was returned. BUT times change, I grew up. I still don't like fur at all! but I think I am now taken with the mother ape who befriends a little lost boy, teaches him all about mother nature and loves him to the end. Tarzan, yes that is my favorite, but I do have another . . . Disney's Fantasia. I like the movie, but I love the scene where the beautiful Pegasus mare opens her wing and displays her young foal . . . Love that part. So it is Tarzan at number 1, followed by that scene in Fantasia. What's yours?

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