Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diet Saboteurs-They're everywhere!

I have just started my diet AGAIN and am trying very hard. Yes I understand that I've only been trying for two days, but they feel like two years. When a person is trying to diet, it is so difficult when the person you live with, i.e. my husband, behaves like a diet saboteur. Today he went to Costco, he brought home humongous bags of meat, chicken breasts for a hundred and a large, oversized, delicious box of Hagen Daaz chocolate covered bars . . . rolled in nuts. They are 22 grams of fat each bar, and for those of you who don't understand fat grams . . . a small bag of potato chips is 5 grams of fat. How am I supposed to lose my weight when calling my name, day and night is ice cream. Now don't you dare say, as he does, just use your will power. Bullshit, if I had willpower would I need to lose 30ish pounds? It's bad enough that Starbucks are everywhere, but now in my own home there's ice cream. He could have done me a favor and brought home strawberry, which I would never ever touch, but no, he brought back something I'd love to eat. Well we'll see who wins, the ice cream bars, or me?

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