Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm your Mommy's mommy.

When you think back to the first time you truly understood the concept of who your mother's mother was, how old were you?
My delicious grandson is four and last night for the very first time when I asked the question: "Who is you mommy's mommy?" he pointed to ME!
No, he didn't come up with the formula for splitting the atom, but he knows who I am. I'm not just a woman whose name is Grand-mama, I have a family tie to him.
He now not only recognizes who we are, but what relationship we have to each other and him.
In the world of a four year old it is a very big concept to grasp, and I'm just jazzed I was there to see it.
Ahh being a grandparent . . . . it rocks!

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