Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Years plus 26 days

In my previous post I listed some of the things I hoped to accomplish this year. Here is a report card on how I'm doing.
Diet - The grade of "C" - I have my good weeks when I eat well, keep the carbs down and protein consumption up.
I have those moments when I crave, desire, can't live without . . . . junk.
But tomorrow is another day.
Exercise - The grade of "C" - When I'm not ill, (I've had two colds in 26 days) or too busy, I've been really good at slapping on the leg weights and walking my dogs up and down hills. When I do it with any consistency I actually feel stronger . . . Yeah. The problem is consistency.
But tomorrow is another day.
My aspirations - The grade of "B" - My family has been prodding and guilting me into turning my hobby of photography into more of a money making venture. So, I have put out the word that I am in search of bellies and babies and families . . . to shoot.
I'm nervous because I want to do a good, no great job, and am acquiring props and backdrops as we speak. Wish me luck, but
Tomorrow is another day.
Writing - The grade of 'B' - I've been working on my second book for well over a year and just today I pressed the send button sending it to my editor. Now I must nervously wait by my computer, with the hopes that there will only be a minimal amount of corrections. Once its back, the book will be sent to
my friend at the Huff Post for the thumbs up or down. If it's thumbs up then I send it for spelling and grammar cleansing. Then my search for an agent or publisher begins.
Wish me luck.
So two C's and two B's not bad.
But then - Tomorrow is another day!