Sunday, March 18, 2012

In search of a New Symbol

Anyone who knows me knows that for years and years I wore a necklace with a gold horse's bit around my neck. As of late, I think it doesn't work for me any more. Sure I love horses and still ride, but not like I once did.
It's time for something new.
I considered something flashy, shiny and elaborate (Which I love), but then thought about a different necklace . . . more like a symbol.
Some people wear Crucifixes, others Mogan Davids, Peace signs, etc. All are good, but don't quite fill my bill.
My parents were holocaust survivors and I am deeply proud of that. I want something that signifies that pride.
Some might say, "Your jewelry should not define you." Well I say WHY NOT?
I am in search of a new symbol. Something that I can wear proudly, signifying that I am only here because Adolf Hitler failed.
That's a big thing for me and I won't stop until I figure this one out.
Have any suggestions??????