Friday, November 5, 2010

Husbands are difficult

My husband is celebrating the big 6 0 this month, and knowing him, as I do, I began planning a fabulous birthday party for him back in January. I designed a special bingo set with cute little words that described him. I put together a wonderful movie-ish slide show about his life, and I started decorating the house.
THEN he told me "I don't want a party."
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"I'm sure."
Like a dummy . . . I believed him. I planned a nice intimate dinner at one of his favorite eateries, for family only, and we were good to go. UNTIL yesterday.
"I have decided to invite a few more people." The word few more people doubled the guest list to 40. In my world 40 is a party.
Switching the party back to my house wasn't possible, because after being told there wasn't going to be a party at our house, I slacked off thinking we had plenty of time and no reason to rush. His favorite eatery can't accommodate 40 on his exact birthday, and the other locations he would be willing to eat at, don't have television sets, so they can't play the slide show I made for him.
Why are husbands so difficult? Why did I listen to him? When will I learn - husbands don't mean what they say!


  1. Perhaps use a laptop and one of those portable projectors for the video instead? Or enlist his help preparing the house since he changed his mind so late in the game...

    It's possible he believed he meant it when he said he didn't want a party :-) Sometimes it's still best to go with your first instinct.

  2. Sasha you are a kind person. And you are right . . . Next time I follow my instincts.

  3. We always say we are not going to listen to him. Like on his suggested pathways for hiking but we never do and always listen and always pay for it later. sorry mom... not sure when we will ever learn.

  4. Well I am going to try and remember from now on.

  5. 40 guests? Wow!

    I think people are often "indecisive" when it comes to their birthdays (especially milestone birthdays). They don't want others to make a big fuss about them, yet they do.

  6. well, this should make your husband feel good that so many people wanted to go out last minute for him! maybe that is what he wanted in the end :)
    we all want to feel good on our big 60