Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hitting the big 6 -Ohhhhhhhhhhh

Today my husband hit the 60 year old milestone. Thank god I have a few years left. Think back to when we were in our teens and early 20's. Sixty years old might as well have been 100. Persons of that age were: Over the hill . . . At the end of the line . . . Older than sin . . . Too old for words . . . Ready to die. Now that I am an eye blink away from sixty, the number no longer feels the same to me. I look at my husband, and he doesn't seem THAT old. While my brain feels 30ish, I can't deny that my body continuously shouts from the rooftop: "Hey, you are getting old!" Adventures are now tame by comparison. Excursions, even if left relatively unplanned, have perimeters of order and safety to them. When did this happen? When did we crest out of the "Anything goes" state? I don't know, but I do know that as they say in the old musical - Bye Bye Birdie, we got a lot of living to do. Happy Birthday to my man!

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