Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airport Scanner Protest

We are on the verge of the Thanksgiving travel rush. We all want to get home and sit with family and friends, so what is all this hoop-d-doo about being scanned? Have we forgotten that they bombed the twin towers? Have we forgotten that they've tried to smuggle bombs onto planes in shoes and underwear. If I were traveling, which I'm not and some jerk held up the line, just to be obnoxious and I missed my flight home - WOW, would I have something to say.
I have the answer . . . . For all those that don't want to be scanned or x-rayed, we'll set aside a special airplane just for you. You get on that plane and I wish you well . . . you and Johnny bomber. But don't you complain when all hell breaks loose and you hit the ground quick.
No one likes the travel situation we have, but thank you lunatic bombers, our world has forever changed . . . for the worse.

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