Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday - Part 1

I really tried to fend of the impulse to participate in Black Firday. I don't want to brave irate parking lots filled with shoppers chomping on the bit to spend spend spend. I don't want to try and find my size in understaffed mall department stores, but I couldn't do it. I will go out and navigate my way through Macy's, Target and all the others in an attempt to save money. I hate that the peer pressure has worked and that I have weakened, but what can I do, a sale IS a sale.


  1. Jeannette, we participated in Black Friday (due to my curiosity) at the mall for the first time. I was disappointed. Not only did we get up ridiculously early, but the lines at the stores we visited were extra long, and the sales were non-existent. It really wasn't worth it, although at least I got it out of my system.

  2. Suko,
    I understand completely. It's feel as if everyone else is out saving money, shopping, getting wonderful things and that you're missing out. I have never woken up realllllly early to get there first thing, but I usually end up going on or right about Black Friday because I feel foolish not to. Maybe next year you and I will stay home and let everyone else shop. We'll see...