Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You're only as old as you feel . . . bull sh t!

In reality, you're really as old as your body tells you you are . . . but I am in the mood to argue.
I made a bucket list long before the movie (Which I loved) came out.
As I approach numbers toooo ugly to type I have to resign myself to the fact that there are places I won't get to visit in my lifetime.
I have decided to focus on getting myself to Antarctica asap.
Why there???? you ask.
Thar be penguins to photograph.
I have heard it pricy, so I'll have to save up my money, but I will get there. . . . sooner than later.
When we're young, there's soooo much time to do everything, but then all those years vanish in a blink, and you have to seriously consider what you really want to do, before.......
I want adventures, lots of adventures.
I want to know that I stretched and challenged my self.
I want to return to Africa and photograph the Apes, but only an upturn in the economy will permit it. You see I plan on taking the kids and the grand kids so the price ticket will be big.
Let's all hope that the economy will turn around before I'm toooooo old to make that trek.

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