Thursday, October 28, 2010

My husband and his blackberry

I want preface this by stating that I love my husband and understand that he works very hard. And that work occurs all times of the day and night. BUT, he and his blackberry are attached at the hip. We can be out with friends, in a movie, having dinner, playing with our grandchild and that darn blackberry makes it's sound and he is no longer truly with us. He is reading, texting and forgetting all about those around him. But he is not alone. How many of us, and I too sometimes overuse my iphone, will stop speaking during dinner conversation, only to allow a virtual someone to substitute the living person who is seated across from us.
I love the electronic world that we all live in, but I do remember a time when we weren't so accessible. And sometimes, I miss those days.


  1. yah he is on that thing wayyyyyy to much.

  2. My husband is addicted to his devices as well. Much of it is work related, but sometimes I miss the days when everything and everyone were not available around the clock at the touch of a button!

  3. Oh you said it so well. I love the marvels of the or new very smart phones, but I do always feel a little sad when whom ever I am in the company of diverts their eyes from my eyes to glance as their phone. And your right jeannette, I do it too!