Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I got a new review!

Broken Bird – The Story of My Katzir Momila Jeannette

"Broken Birds" by Jeannette Katzir is based on a true story based. It begins with the stories of the Holocaust author parents, describing their meeting in New York and their lives together raising Jeannette and her four brothers. If the mother dies Jeanette destructive legacy of the Holocaust fractures of his family.

Channa Perschowski Baranavichy was born in 1929 in a small town in Poland at that time. It had come to a happy childhood until the Second World War. The JewishPeople were allowed less freedom and less, and soon could not leave the house without a coat with a star on it. When Hannah eleven German soldiers came to his father. She never saw him again. The rest of the family were forced from their homes and live in the ghetto. Channa and her brother was a partisan. When he returned home his family was gone. His brother is married Isaac and Hannah, Isaac and Leja migrated to America a new life in New StartYork.

Polczer Nathan was born in 1926 in Uzhgorod in what was then Czechoslovakia. Nathan's family was forced from his home and an abandoned brick factory was their new home. After two months were put on cattle trains and shipped to Auschwitz. Nathan has been separated from his family and never seen again. Finally he was transferred to Dachau. Towards the end of the war the Germans, the prisoners were in cattle cars, while having to do with them. When some of thethe Nazis to their places of Nathan and the others fled. With his death the family decided to start a new life in America. On January 29, 1948 entered the port of New York.

Jeanette Kazir parents who lost everything during the Holocaust. With a lot of spirit and courage have survived unspeakable horrors. The author goes on to say how they were married in New York, and raised five children, met – Shlomo, Jaclyn (author) Shirley, Nina and Steven. If the mother died the family Kazirshocked to discover that they have bypassed her husband and left the home of his son. The family had once said that Channa was now divided.

With the author's powerful writing I was drawn in the history of Channa and Nathan, and their children. It 'a reminder that an attractive and has had the courage to write. Kazir speaks openly about the tensions between the survivors in their marriage and their children. Like their childhood experiences affect the rest of their lives andfuture generations. This is a story of family, parent-child relationships and sibling rivalry. The scenes capture the vivid period of time more effective than any history book. It 's a story that will stay with you long after the last page viewed.

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